Hastings Deering Cup: Falcons dominate the Mustangs

Falcons dominate the Mustangs

By Jordan Herbert

Sunshine Coast Falcons U21’s showed the Hasting Deering Colts competition just what they’re made of in their round two clash against the Western Mustangs dominating in a 50-nil win on Saturday afternoon at Clive Berghofer stadium.

The Falcons came in ready to score plenty of points and mark themselves as true contenders for this year’s title. A dropped ball from the Mustangs in the opening four minutes saw Falcons number 18 Kaleb Sutton go over for the first try of the match with a successful conversion from hooker Jai Smoothy. Falcons 6-0.

A failed kick for touch from the Mustangs and the speed from Falcons fullback Blake Wilson saw him accelerate through the line to score picking up just where he left off from last week’s game. Falcons lead 12-0.

A perfectly executed cut out ball from Falcons five-eight Lucas Bell saw centre Jack Aiken sprint to the try line putting on footwork to fool the fullback and place the ball under the post giving the team their third for the afternoon. Falcons 18-0

A lovely high bomb from Falcons halfback Jaiden Zanchetta made Mustangs hand the ball over in their ten metres giving more opportunities to the away team, a quick pass from Jai Smoothy with a show and go from Lucas Bell saw him go over for his first of the afternoon. Falcons 24-0.

A massive kick chase effort from the right side of the Falcons and a quick play the ball gave winger Zachariah Miles Falcons fifth try and a perfect kicking display so far, meant Falcons would into the break leading 30-0.

The Falcons running out into the second half just the way they left their first half, a try just five minutes in from a quick play the ball and a beautiful show and go from the hooker and a strong run saw Falcons interchange player Jai Smith charge over the line.

Penalties and poor defence from the Mustangs meant winger Gian Largiader would go over for a double in a short time span, a change in goal kicking to Lucas Bell saw the first missed goal of the match for the Falcons. Too many ruck infringements for the Falcons meant their second rower Jake Zammit would be sent for 10 minutes in the bin but the Falcons defence held strong.

With just eight minutes to go a high bomb from the Falcons halfback saw Kaleb Sutton snatch the ball and go over for his second of the afternoon giving him the first and last tries of the day.

A perfect two rounds for coach Jamie Vogler and his players who will now travel to Townsville next weekend to take on the Blackhawks.