HDC Cup Report: Sunshine Coast Falcons get a half century win over the Western Mustang

Sunshine Coast Falcons get a half century win over the Western Mustangs

By Jordan Herbert

The Sunshine Coast Falcons defeated the Western Mustang in a huge 64-12 win at Sunshine Coast Stadium on Saturday afternoon. A huge win from the Falcons boys who have secured their top four spot on the Hasting Deerings Colts ladder.

The home team crossed the line a totally of 12 times in the afternoon with a double for both Pat McGinn and Jaiden Zanchetta.

A perfect first half performance from the home team who lead at half time 38 points to nil, the white line was calling the Falcons name all afternoon with the away team only crossing the two times in the second half.

First half tries coming from Gian Largiader in 4th minute, John McLaughlin in the 7th minute, Kaleb Sutton in the 12th, Pat McGinn in the 22nd, Jaiden Zanchetta in the 27th, Jake Zammit in the 34th and Nick Ellems in the 36th minute.

A stunning first half performance from the Falcons in front a loud home crowd, it was a perfect first half effort for the home team who completely dominated the Mustangs.

The Falcons came out firing in the second being just as hot as they were in the first half, with a try in just the first two minutes of play from 2nd rower Jack Aiken but it was the away teams turn to strike back through their interchange player Matthew Butler.

But that didn’t stop the flow of tries for the Falcons, with another four tries coming in just 24 minutes of play. The tries coming from Pat McGinn in the 51st, Blake Wilson in the 59th, Jaiden Zanchetta in the 64th and Zachariah Miles in the 75th. The Mustangs also scoring their second try in the 70th minute through their hooker Brandon Clark, but it was too little too late for the away team.

A shower of tries for the home team meant plenty of conversions to be made, an 8/12 performance with hooker Jai Smoothy kicking five and five-eight John Mclaughlin kicking three.

A performance to be proud of for the Falcons team and supporters who dominated the Mustangs from the word go. Coach Jamie Vogler and his team take on the Northern Pride next Saturday, the 31st of July at Barlow Park, Cairns.